Vera Benschop
On the Edge of the Sky

Vera Benschop is a photographer and book artist whose work explores the intersection of the natural and built worlds, and the symbiosis between them. Working with primarily analog processes, her work is usually handmade and shot on film. She received her BFA with an emphasis in Photography and Book Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She currently resides in Denver, Colorado with her girlfriend and cats.

On the Edge of the Sky is a handmade photo book chronicling a road trip to West Texas with my siblings. My brother lived on the other side of Texas, and my sister and I lived in Denver, but our drive times were similar to Big Bend National Park, our main destination. (We also visited Bottomless Lakes State Park in New Mexico, Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas, and Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico.) The environment was harsh- with very little shade or water- so we made do in other ways, bringing both with us. The vastness of the space swallowed us up, and made us ants crawling across the surface and through the cracks. We trekked across mountains, through canyons, and up cliffs, trying to see as much as possible. We looked to Mexico, which looked no different from the dirt beneath our feet. We felt close to the earth even from the safety of our tents. We drove for miles with mountains on one side and only sky on the other, and no clouds in sight to break up the relentless sun. Communities and towns dot the landscape, trying their best to survive. Still, cacti bloomed and strange desert plants were green and lush. We're all just adapting, and trying to survive. //

Image List:
Cactus near fort Davis, Texas
One Nation Under God, West Texas
Big Bend National Park, Texas
Bottomless Lakes State Park, New Mexico
Marfa, Texas
Marfa, Texas